• House in Bronte

    A new structure emerges from the old A strong linear element (red) houses services and defines the eastern edge of the living/garden space. A curved form (orange) projects from the linear element allowing space for a bathroom. The boundary between the living and garden space is dissolved with glass. A raw concrete floor overhangs the pool and rises up to form kitchen benches. A small courtyard, a ghost of the earlier courtyard it replaces, separates the new parts of the house from the old and functions as an outdoor extension of the kitchen. Above, uncoated steel forms oversail the living/garden space with minimal support from three steel posts. A skewed box (blue) projects from the bedroom suite allowing for a generous showering place with a distant rooftop view. A glass bridge connects the bedroom suite to an attic. The composition of contemporary forms maximises the space, both physically and visually.
    Client: Undisclosed Location: Sydney, Australia Partners: Terragram Pty Ltd, Meinhardt Pty Ltd Size: 310m2 Status: Built, 2005 Photos: Richard Glover